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We’re The Revival Mercantile.

The Revival Mercantile has been a dream for over 10 years, gently and sometimes loudly tugging at the heart. At first, the dream was to slow down after working in the oil and gas field, to admire the beauty in each piece. Finally, we’d be able to buy ALL the pieces we loved, giving them a home, even for just a short time.


Then the dream shifted – it became about connection. We wanted to know the story of the item, each nick and scratch enhancing its beauty. We wanted to know the stories of the people, the ones buying and selling the pieces.


While Revival still carries part of those dreams forward, its current dream is to help customers create safe places within their homes that reflect their story – where they have been, where they are now, and glimmers of where they hope to go. We believe that healing starts at home, and that your home - when decorated to reflect who you truly are and not who the world tells you to be - can be a sanctuary to your heart, your relationships and your dreams.


At The Revival Mercantile, our success begins when we help you to find pieces from our carefully curated collections that tell your story and honor your journey.

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About Us



The Revival Mercantile is the newest reimagining of a building with a history as extensive as the city it calls home - Brenham, Texas. Originally constructed in the late 1800’s, 217 W. Main Street was a bottling facility for a drink called Chic-Chic, based out of San Antonio. A few decades later, Chic-Chic fell to its competitor, Coca-Cola and the building became the family owned and operated Washington County Bottling Company (WCBC).

During its time, the WCBC bottled many favorites, like Dr. Pepper and Triple X Root Beer, shipping them to delighted customers all around the United States. When the WCBC went out of business in the 70s, the building sat vacant, waiting. Now home to The Revival Mercantile, our hope is to continue the tradition - delivering joy to our customers while being a small part in the building’s story.


As someone who is endlessly inspired by nature, anything vintage and the stories we hold dear to our hearts, Stacy is a woman who is passionate about living a good, simple but full life.

Stacy believes in the power of deep talks, an encouraging word and loving fiercely. She loves to feel the rush of working with her hands and the laughter brought by a good night with good friends.

As the pace of life around us continues to feel like it’s going at breakneck speed, in Stacy you will find a warm invitation to dial it way down and stay a little while. Stacy’s heart is to create a safe space where you can engage in the richness of your own story, regardless of how easy or hard it is to tell; her own story leaves her with more than a few battle scars.

Just beware: she’s a hugger.

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We believe in respect for everyone, even the ones that aren’t our flavor.

We believe in the uniqueness of our stories for that is where our greatest power lies.

We believe in simplicity because without it, we would lose focus on what truly matters.

We believe in connection as we all have triumphs and defeats and know life is richer done side by side.

We believe in everyday kindness, deserved or not, because we don’t know what others are going through.

We believe in curiosity for it opens our hearts and minds to new people and experiences.

We believe in beauty, both extraordinary and ordinary, for it is abundant and joyful if we just look for it.

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